AUMS Digital Cloud

Efficient integration of applications and services.

AUMS Digital Cloud is a new-generation platform that enables efficient implementation of business solutions enhancing the quality of provided services. It is a technological basis on which business applications can be implemented in a simple and fast way. It standardizes contact channels and methods of communication with the recipient, such as telephone, e-mail or www. The platform is based on an ecosystem of mini-applications which provides broad possibilities of personalization and adjustment of its functionalities to the current needs of business and users’ expectations. The possibilities offered by AUMS Digital Cloud make the platform a key element in building competitive advantage.

Key Benefits.

  • Ease of creating and sharing new applications.
  • Obtaining scalable and efficient products.
  • Optimizing the cost of implementing services.

How does AUMS Digital Cloud work?

AUMS Digital Cloud enables efficient integration of applications and services and creation of a single ecosystem in which individual modules can communicate with each other using open and freely available protocols such as oAuth2 and OpenId Connect.

The heart of the platform is the central layer, which ensures product cohesion and enables individual applications to cooperate. It contains the SSO component, which is an element of the common login. It is responsible for distribution of permissions and identities to individual modules and applications of the ecosystem. It is coupled with a number of microservices, such as: logs, alerts, notifications or menus.

Full integration. Efficient communication.

Choose the AUMS Digital Cloud platform that provides:

Convenient implementation process.

The platform provides an efficient process of launching the system. It makes it possible to use the existing set of dedicated applications, without the need to create new functionalities. The next ones can be created and implemented without any interference, during the production operation of the system.

Multi-channel business support.

The system is based on an innovative concept of an ecosystem of mini-applications, each corresponding to a business area of the enterprise. Depending on the needs, new applications can be added, regardless of whether they were prepared by the platform provider or external companies.

Easy access to applications.

The system based on AUMS Digital is accessed via a web browser, and thanks to the use of responsive design technology (RWD), solution pages adapt to any device, regardless of whether it is a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Quality and wide range of applications.

The extensive possibilities offered by the AUMS Digital Cloud platform have led us to build our proprietary products on it:

AUMS Customer Portal

Online sales and customer billing.

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Reducing energy consumption costs.

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Consistent data from different meters.

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