AUMS Digital Cloud

Focus on the needs of your customers.

AUMS Digital Cloud is a next-generation customer service portal offering a 360° view.

The system increases service quality and is a key element for those who wish to acquire a competitive edge.

The solution supports vendor-customer interaction by offering simple, convenient and quick access to services and products, regardless of the device used (computer, tablet, mobile phone).

The main purpose of AUMS Digital Cloud is to optimise contact with customers. As a result, it is possible to use one platform which is identified with the brand to offer customers products and services from all systems.


What does the AUMS Digital Cloud platform provide?

The system improves the quality of services provided and is a key element in building a competitive advantage.

Benefits for providers

  • Builds positive, experience-based customer relations
  • Significantly reduces invoice-related costs
  • Increases customer satisfaction with service quality
  • Cost optimisation and shorter customer service cycle
  • Entire offer in one place
  • System development matching current and future business needs
  • Option to develop and share new applications with any IT entity
  • Instant access to detailed customer data

Benefits for electricity, gas and other utility users

  • Free, convenient and quick service available 24/7
  • Easy access to all information on purchased services
  • Increased quality of customer-provider communication

AUMS Digital Cloud is a flexible solution with functionalities that can be configured depending on the sector in which it is implemented.

Next-level customer service

The system is fully adaptable to your specific business processes and how information flows in your company. Also, thanks to its structure it can be quickly altered. AUMS Digital Cloud collects customer data via different communication channels. The system ensures professionalism and comfort of service in regard to sales processes and post-sale services.

Smooth transactions

AUMS Digital Cloud ensures integration with your billing system and other external systems for handling domestic and foreign electronic payments. It can also be used to distribute e-invoices, ensuring smooth transactions and that transaction information is promptly relayed to the company’s internal billing or accounting system.

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