Asseco Demand Side Management

Decrease costs by optimising electric power usage.


Asseco DSM helps you adapt electric power usage to the needs and capacity of the power system.

It also allows you to remotely control client-side smart devices.

With it, you can also instantly respond to shifting market trends and power network incidents.

By introducing an energy demand management process, the system increases network management effectiveness. With consent of the end recipient, it can control end devices, enabling soft limiting of several of their functionalities. This is made possible thanks to IoT control protocols, building and industrial automation systems.


Who should choose ADSM?

ADSM is a solution for companies whose priority is to engage customers in energy efficiency processes. ADSM – system for those whom energy efficiency and flexibility services matter.

The system handles.

Communication and control using various receiver control device protocols, including:

  • receivers located in places equipped with AMI
  • systems for controlling HVAC system power using building automation systems
  • systems for managing energy in households (HEM) using IoT communication
  • systems provided by companies offering energy efficiency services (ESCO)
  • systems for controlling large recipients using industrial automation
  • generation control systems
  • energy storage systems

Managing electricity demand

The open system architecture enables the customer to define various demand regulation models, control algorithms and multiple types of devices. The customer can also further expand its functionalities. Potential entities subject to electricity demand management include:

Key benefits

  • Reduces system balancing costs
  • Supports energy efficiency systems
  • Enables successful integration of scattered energy sources
  • Ensures continued delivery and energy balance
  • Helps eliminate distribution system overloads
  • Ensures flexible service delivery for energy market companies
  • Supports energy and power purchase cost optimisation for end users

Main processes handled by Asseco DSM

  • commercial – account management and customer communication, agreements, device registration, settlement processes
  • technical – load balancing, device communication
  • execution – sending control signals to devices and monitoring their operational parameters

Asseco DSM is good for:

Office buildings

General stores / shopping centres

Electric vehicle charging stations

Residential buildings

Industries, e.g.: cold storage, food, cement, paper, steel, petrochemical, as well as glassworks and companies dealing in water treatment and industrial gas production

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