Electric vehicle charging
station management system

Invest in charging stations and earn more!
AUMS ELMO increases owners' revenue, facilitates operators
in charger management, and enables drivers to travel.

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What is the AUMS ELMO system?

AUMS ELMO is software for managing electric vehicle charging stations. With it, operators efficiently manage chargers, service providers invoice and earn, and drivers enjoy a seamless journey with competitively priced vehicle battery charging.


Who is AUMS ELMO for?

Station operators
(CPOs - Charge Point Operators)


For operators, AUMS ELMO is an essential system for remote management of the charging station, monitoring, and reporting its operation.


  • Operator dashboard with charts displaying the status of charging points and a history of changes in connector availability
  • Map of electric vehicle charging stations
  • Monitoring and diagnostics of charging station operating parameters
  • Remote station management:
    • changing connector availability,
    • reading and changing station parameters,
    • hard and soft reset,
    • software updates
  • alarms and notifications
  • Charging reporting and statistics

Service providers


AUMS ELMO supports the provider in creating and customizing offers for drivers – prices, promotions, subscriptions, loyalty programs.


  • Map of electric vehicle charging stations
  • Management of customer access to stations:  
    • visibility of stations in the application for selected customer groups, 
    • home stations,
    • stations free for selected customers
  • Charging price management
  • EV fleet management
  • Billing for external and fleet customers
  • Ability to export data for invoicing
  • Charging reporting and statistics



In the AUMS ELMO application, drivers will find essential information: station map, price list, history, and many other services for electric vehicle drivers.

AUMS ELMO features for drivers


  • Map of available electric vehicle charging stations
  • Favorite stations, owned EVs
  • Navigation redirection
  • Addition of payment cards
  • Charging session execution (start, stop)
  • Private and business sessions, request for invoices, email confirmations
  • Charging history
  • Form for charging session execution for unregistered users

Benefits for AUMS ELMO users

By investing in the implementation of the AUMS ELMO system, owners or operators of EV stations gain the freedom to shape their business, set their own prices, and introduce promotions and loyalty programs. European law recommends supplementing fleets with EV models, and the EU subsidizes the construction of stations.

Shopping malls

Drivers will appreciate the convenience and access to electric vehicle charging. With AUMS ELMO, shopping malls attract customers who need to recharge their EV batteries while shopping. Reservation of access to the charger in the system facilitates demand management.

Facility Managers

Choosing the AUMS ELMO system makes it easy to monitor and manage EV charging stations. Launching and operating the charger do not pose an additional logistical and financial burden. Revenues from charging contribute to the facility manager’s budget.

Local governments

Opting for the AUMS ELMO system gives local authorities autonomy in developing electromobility and independence from major suppliers. They can introduce their own fee rates and settlements. Installing charging stations promotes ecological mobility. Funding for chargers can come from the citizens’ budget, and local authorities can advise residents on how to benefit from investing in EV stations.

Communities and developers

Building EV chargers enhances the convenience of residents using electric cars. EU funds can subsidize the installation of charging stations.

Small businesses

Access to electric vehicle charging stations with the AUMS ELMO system for businesses with a fleet of several cars means benefiting from preferential charging rates and saving on electricity costs.

Large companies

Fleet managers of large companies receive reports from AUMS ELMO on the locations and costs of charging EVs by employees, making it convenient to settle and reimburse home charging costs.

Integrations with AUMS ELMO

Connecting AUMS ELMO to business applications significantly expands the functionality of charging stations and the offering for customers. It automates billing and invoicing.

Payment Terminals

Card payment for charging without an app as an unregistered user.


Customer management and building comprehensive product offers.


Automatic billing of customers for charging in their assigned subscriptions.


Presentation of stations on one map and in one application with stations from other operators.

External APIs

Sharing charging service data with industry-specific applications.

Do you already have an electric vehicle charging station?

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Do you already have an electric vehicle charging station?

Write to us!

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