About AUMS

Asseco Utility Management Solutions (AUMS) is a suite of IT systems designed for the utility sector. These products support all areas of the sector’s activities, which include not only generation, transmission, distribution and sales, but also the latest market trends such as electromobility and energy efficiency.

Thanks to the integration possibilities, our systems can interact not only with each other, but also with the systems of other suppliers.

Thanks to the integration possibilities, our systems can cooperate not only with each other, but also with the systems of other suppliers.

AUMS products

AUMS Billing

Our line of billing products for different-sized enterprises:

More than 60% of all Polish electricity bills are generated using AUMS Billing & CIS.

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AUMS Customer Portal

The AUMS Customer Portal is a new generation solution intended for enterprises that wish to improve electronic communication with their customers, to distribute invoices and billing information.

Built on AUMS Digital Cloud.

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Enables companies to efficiently collect and manage data from both smart and traditional electricity and gas metres for the purposes of billing, balancing, analysing and reporting.

The system processes 75 million readings every year.

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Electric vehicle charging station management and billing platform.

Currently services 100,000 customers and 30,000 charging stations in the Scandinavian market.

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AUMS Digital Cloud

A next-generation, online customer service portal offering a 360° view.

Facilitates electricity and gas billing management by both providers and customers.

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Asseco DSM

The system, by monitoring and managing selected devices on the customers’ side, adjusts media consumption to external needs, as well as to its own optimization.

Asseco DSM supports the management of the efficiency of the electrical-power system

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Asseco SAMO

A platform for strategic and effective infrastructure management. The system has a modular structure and combines tools for recording and supporting the exploitation of the technical infrastructure, as well as tools for analysis.

Years of successful international experience in the construction and development of the EAM class systems.

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