Asseco SAMO

Strategic Asset Management & Operations

Asseco SAMO is a company resource management solution which integrates information on infrastructure, tangible assets and maintenance processes.
The system analyses and reliably displays the usage level of every strategic asset of the company.

Who do we offer the system to?

Asseco SAMO is dedicated to owners and managers of extensive infrastructure, including buildings and real estate.

With Asseco SAMO, you can now easily

  • Determine what are your crucial network elements
  • Estimate infrastructure maintenance operating expenses while ensuring maximum benefits
  • Manage all details of a particular asset throughout its entire life cycle
  • Generate highly sophisticated reports on particular device usage

Key benefits

  • Pro-active risk management of ageing infrastructure
  • OPEX and CAPEX optimisation
  • Investment project workflow management
  • Technical infrastructure data centralisation
  • Combines technical and economic data
  • Satisfies legal requirements
  • Accurate technical infrastructure condition assessment
  • Supports various infrastructure development scenarios

Asseco SAMO offers tools which enable optimal use of financial resources with regards to maintenance, reviews, repairs and investment projects. Asseco SAMO enables you to collect and homogenise data from different systems. It also serves as a great base for further analyses, simulations and reports.

The system is available in the SaaS model and is compliant with ISO 55000.

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