AUMS Meter Data Management

Different metres. Coherent data.

AUMS MDM integrates all sources of metering data.

The system enables efficient data collection and management, regardless of whether the data comes from smart or traditional electricity and gas metres. AUMS MDM automates the entire process, ensuring data quality, coherence and credibility.

Key processes supported by AUMS MDM

AUMS MDM is a system for enterprises whose basic business processes require the highest quality measurement and billing data.

With AUMS MDM, you can

  • See the full picture of how your network functions
  • Better balance and monitor your network
  • Eliminate illegal energy consumption
  • Motivate your users to save resources
  • Streamline your company’s reporting processes
  • Improve customer service and network maintenance quality
  • More easily prepare new products and services for recipients

The system can be launched in the cloud or installed on your hardware

Key benefits

  • Handles multiple types of utilities using one system instance
  • Decreased infrastructure, integration and support cost
  • Single, central source of metering and settlement data
  • High quality and coherence of cross-system data transfers
  • Error elimination thanks to automatic data correction
  • Support for manual and remote acquisition enables flexible transitory period planning and execution regarding remote reading solution implementation processes
  • Smooth integration with other IT systems

AUMS MDM is a system with functionalities which encompass the entire process of metering data management – from reading data management to validation as well as transformation and usage of data calculation in accordance with business rules required by internal and external IT systems.

Smooth data integration

AUMS MDM integrates various sources of metering data, including:

  • collector readings
  • remote readings
  • dedicated Head End Systems (HES) readings
  • metering infrastructure providers
  • file data within single platforms

The system ensures coherent data validation and processing rules regardless of data source. One system instance can handle several types of utilities: electric power, gas, water and heat, and can work together with multiple billing systems, offering support for day-to-day processes and enabling future functionality extension.

Full customer view

As it integrates data coming from various sources, the system offers a 360° customer view. Using the intuitive web interface, users gain access to:

  • pointer data
  • usage data
  • remote device incidents
  • notes and errors logged by technicians and cash collectors
  • data validation statuses
  • device configuration and replacement history
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