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AUMS Elmo is an electric vehicle charging station management and billing platform.

It ensures integration in regards to managing charging stations, user authentication, payments and invoicing.

Compatible with all business models.

The system enables electric vehicle charging station operators the ability to control all aspects of the service. Public utility companies, vehicle fleet operators, fuelling station operators and municipalities can adapt particular modules to their business model.


Who uses the system?

AUMS Elmo is used by charging station operators and charging service providers, as well as by end customers and owners of electric cars. It is a single platform for managing charging stations, making them available, remote running, stopping the charging process, and billing the charging session after its completion.


The system enables users to adapt particular modules as to how their company operates on the e-mobility market. It is openly available in the cloud via a web browser for users and dispatchers.

Key benefits

  • constant monitoring of charging station status and availability
  • only two clicks required to register a station in the system
  • quickly enables car charging by any customer
  • enables multiple charging service providers to use a charging station
  • flexible rate management by operators
  • efficient settlements and invoicing of multiple charging service providers


In the e-mobility market, in addition to the chargers sold with the management service, there are also open charging stations offered by many well-known manufacturers. AUMS Elmo allows to work with them. The only requirement is that the charger provides OCPP communication (version 1.5 or 1.6). This allows the future owners of the charger to decide for themselves which charging station they want to purchase, and thanks to AUMS Elmo they can manage it and at the same time offer charging services independently, without intermediaries. The station operator can monitor the operating parameters of the charging station and its diagnostics.

No affiliate/loyalty cards

No affiliate/loyalty cards

In order to use the AUMS Elmo platform there is no need to register any affiliate/loyalty cards. Every owner of an electric car can use any charging station provided by AUMS Elmo. In order to start charging, the owner can use three options, i.e. through a mobile application, through any RFID device, or via SMS. In order to use the charging stations available in AUMS Elmo, the owner of an electric car does not have to pay any subscription fees, and only pays for the purchased service on the basis of market rates set by the individual charger owners. Ad hoc charging.

Individual business model

Thanks to AUMS Elmo, the owner of the charging station can establish own business model of the service offered. The owner decides on the amount of the rates and the method of calculation. In addition, the owner can decide on discounts or free charging for selected customers, groups of RFID numbers. The system also allows the owner to set the reservation of individual connectors for selected hours and days for selected customers.

Independent, flexible and dynamic rate setting

The owner of the charging station, based on own observations and analysis of the charging session reports available in AUMS Elmo, can independently and dynamically decide on the change of the rates on the connectors. The available functionality allows to prepare a flexible offer in which the price for the service can be any combination depending on the kWh consumed, the length of the charging period, with the possibility of settings rates per minute, or the time of the day when charging starts.

Reporting and invoicing

In the AUMS Elmo system, the owner of the charging station has access to the full history of the charging sessions on all connectors, regardless of whether the session was paid or free of charge. AUMS Elmo also provides the owner with access to the transaction history and the possibility to issue an invoice for the charging service.

AUMS Elmo is good for:

Remote payments by credit card

No partnership/loyalty cards

Individual price lists and billing methods

Fleet billing

Various manufacturers of chargers

Reporting and invoicing

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