• AUMS Customer Portal provides:

    • effective development of digital offerings
    • multiple media support from a single platform
    • fast and smooth account activation
    • intuitive access to complete information about services
    • integrated e-payments as standard
    • possibility of moving full customer service to the Internet
    • friendly, configurable and interactive interface
    • easy integration of services e.g. by a cloud provider (chatbot, etc.)

  • Why AUMS Customer Portal?
    • rapid market introduction of new products
    • IT infrastructure and systems maintenance costs reduction
    • easily adaptable to current and future business needs
    • improved customer service and communication quality
    • cutting down on expenses related to document circulation


Harness the potential of AUMS Customer Portal and gain:

universal solution
that works in
every industry
possibility of independent
integration with
domain systems
basic functionality,
which can be freely
customization of
the visual identity

  • Get an extra starting bonus.

    Learn more about the AUMS Customer Portal functionalities included in the starter package.

    Account Registration 

    • self-registration
    • filling out the registration form
    • input data verification based on data from a billing system or other source system

    Utility consumption tracking

    • visualization and comparison of consumption
    • visualization and comparison of the electricity produced (prosumer)
    • self-entering of meter readings

    Electronic payments

    • verification of overdue invoices
    • integration with e-payment platform

    Handling of requests

    • reports and complaints
    • replies to customers

    Customer Contract

    • verification of currently signed contracts
    • visualization of contract terms and data
    • presentation of new contract terms and conditions and the possibility of their acceptance by the customer

    Viewing billing data

    • viewing current and outstanding balances
    • viewing lists of invoices

    Conclusion of contracts on-line

    • displaying proposals for new offers with the possibility of accepting them
    • possibility of concluding the contract by the customer without leaving home
    • support for paperless signatures (document form)
    • possibility for the final customer to accept the annex proposal

Use it anyway you want

The AUMS Customer Portal is available in four deployment models. Choose the one that best fits your business needs.


on premise

Choose easy integration and expansion.

The AUMS Customer Portal has a modern architecture based on microservices and API. It comes with full documentation so you can easily customize it. You also remain the owner of your data and have full control over the process. The system is integrated as standard with various solutions, including e-payment and AUMS Billing, which shortens the deployment time. 





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