AUMS Billing Smart
  • AUMS Billing Smart can help you bill

    • Cable and satellite TV subscriptions
    • Medical subscriptions
    • School and university tuition fees
    • Car park fees
    • Newspaper subscriptions
    • Insurance
    • Others
  • Key benefits

    • Short time to market
    • Quick and easy to configure
    • Comprehensive offer to cash process handling
    • Efficient product and service billing
    • Flexible product and service catalogue configuration
    • Open system architecture enabling further extension
  • Short time to market

    AUMS Billing Smart utilises a flexible product and service configuration mechanism. As a result, initiating the billing of a new product is possible without any programming changes and launching a new offer can take less than 1 hour from receipt of the instructions by the system administrators.


    Offering a new product service


    Submitting guidelines to administrators


    System configuration


    Billing of a new product or service

  • Key functionalities

    • New product and service configuration
    • Manual invoicing
    • Cyclical and mass-scale subscription service invoicing
    • Financial services
    • Sub-ledger
    • Debt collection
    • Sales and tax reports
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