AUMS Billing & CIS 4.0
  • Key benefits

    • Better customer service
    • 360⁰ customer view
    • Centralised control over processes
    • Enables you to quickly respond to business and legal changes
    • Streamlined reporting processes
    • Optimisation of IT environment integration costs
    • Able to handle data bases with millions of entries
    • Efficient product and service management
    • Increased debt collectability
  • Choose a proven IT system

    The AUMS Billing & CIS 4.0 system is the only Polish IT system to have been included in the prestigious “Magic Quadrant for Utilities Customer Information Systems” report published by Gartner. The authors especially gave recognition to the ease of updating the software and the way the system meets user needs. AUMS Billing & CIS 4.0 also successfully passed all performance tests accounting for infrastructure, data base and application, including tests conducted at IBM’s Singapore Benchmarking Centre. The system’s efficiency and reliability have also been confirmed by several thousand concurrent users who work with data bases of up to several million active contracts for electric power recipients.



Implementation of one of the largest central billing systems in Europe

The fact that the system has been implemented by the TAURON Group, one of the largest Polish energy companies, is testament to the system’s quality and the wide range of options it offers. The goal of the project was to migrate data from 12 billing systems to one central AUMS system.


The TAURON Group database handles approximately 5.4 million customers and is the largest of its kind on the Polish energy market – it also manages 3.5 TB of data and 4.6 million invoices generated monthly. Handling such large volumes of data requires world-class technology

reports Piotr Zawistowski, Vice-president for Customers and Commerce of the Management Board of TAURON Polska Energia

The project by the numbers
central AUMS

The entire implementation is based on a single, consistent Asseco AUMS system.


The size of the database after implementation.

million of billing points

The system supports over 5.4 million active billing points in the system.

million invoices

Asseco AUMS generates 4.6 million invoices each month.

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